Nëale Design

Always very elegant in his tweed jacket and velvet pants, Henri is a great fan of antique furniture and objects. As the guardian of his family’s history and values, he has always appreciated and recognized the importance of tradition.

After a 20-year career in scientific research across the Atlantic, Henri returns to his primary passion: woodworking. Because artisanal values are so dear to him, his approach is founded on old, traditional methods of woodworking

Manual tools, the use of traditional techniques, and his love for wood are his trademark.

Henri produces furniture and objects in solid wood selected from local and sometimes tropical origins. His furniture is assembled traditionally, with mortise-and-tenon joints or dovetails. The surface is hand-planed or hand-scraped in order to preserve as much of the wood’s natural luster as possible. He only uses natural glue without formalin, and prepares his finishing products himself in order to assure they are non-toxic.

For Bureau Patio, he has created geometrical pots: unique pieces entirely made by hand from oak or solid walnut sections. Each pot upholds a minimum of ten facets, all created manually. Each pot is then varnished with tung oil and waxed with beeswax.

Nëale Design is a wood furniture and object workshop/studio founded by Henri de Neale. 

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