Laurette Broll

Always bubbly and on the lookout for new inspiration, when we meet Laurette, she is casually sporting overalls and her small sketching notebook in her pocket.

An atypical ceramist, she made her way differently than through a typical career and ordinary creations. In 2015, after working with synthetic materials and then glass and metal, Laurette finally decided to devote herself to her passion.

Each of Laurette’s pieces are unique and tell a story. They are made of gray stoneware and are turned by hand. It is both her sketchbook and the objects’ functional use that inspire her as to the shape of each creation. A subtle association between enamel and rough surfaces bring both texture and form to the ceramic.

As the outcome of lengthy experimentation, Laurette’s enamel pieces have various tints and atypical textures: they can be mat, shiny, satiny, cracked, rugged, or crystallized.

In her workshop, Laurette is surrounded by plants. Inspired by her creations, we teamed up together to conceive two collections of pieces inspired by vegetation. A teapot now turns into a watering can, and cups and plates into pots! A game of graphic shapes was born: “Rhombes” with its comical allure, “orange” enamel that sublimes the rough texture of stoneware, and “Bombe”’s round and rebounding shapes which are dressed in the famous “smaragdin” enamel crafted by Laurette, in its singular blue-green tints.

Laurette is a graduate of l’ENSAMAA, Olivier de Serres.