Conpot Riso Print Portrait Conpot Riso Print Portrait
Conpot Riso Print Portrait Conpot Riso Print Portrait

Adorable, always smiling and posed, Alastair and Kezia are British – the young, modern, and creative version. Alastair is an architect, Kezia a textile designer. Together, this young couple created the perfect symbiosis of creativity, talent, ingenuity, and a search for the exceptional.

Since their visit to a priory of La Corbusier, they have taken interest in the simple material that is cement. In their hands, cement becomes a complex material where solidarity, refinement, color play, composition, and embossment mingle.

Attached to values of environmental preservation, Alastair and Kezia speak with passion of their “concrete planters”, pots made of cement and aggregate retrieved from abandoned quarries in the U.K. Their marked willingness to create locally and with recycled products gives each pot an aesthetic and geographical identity. Their shapes are simple and refined, and the resulting effect is beautiful thanks to the materials that were chosen and the meticulous work that followed.

The essence of their work rests on their capacity to choose aggregates, and their know-how in handling them. Aggregates are selected for their tint, texture, and quality, and then added to cement obtained from Portland. The pots are hand-made in small series in Alastair and Kezia’s studio in Peckham. The full potential and subtleties in color and radiance of the stones is revealed by a meticulous sanding process done in multiple steps.

CONPOT is a multidisciplinary creation studio attached to a manufacturing process that uses local and recycled materials, founded by Alastair Mitchell and Kezia Regan.